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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

So I Had A Sick Kitty. . .

Nope not this one.  He was helping me make a wreath for Spring
I cannot wait.  Enough Snow and cold.

This one, the black and white one.

And this one (below) is her partner in crime.

They do stuff like this. . .

 I can reach that pepperoni.


 OK, back to the sick cat. 
I always use oils on my cats.  They don't like the smell but it takes care of the problem.
I put a drop of RC on the palm of my hand and rubbed her hind foot through it.  Sometimes I just rubbed the palm of my hand on her chest.  She had a sneeze and cough.  All Better Now!
I also diffused Christmas Spirit. 
 I find that this is a great oil to build the respiratory system.
It is one of my favorites.

Oh and for those dirty ears of his I use V6 oil (4 or 5 drops) with 1 drop of Purification oil on a cotton ball and swab his ears.  Keeps the mites away.
Oh, and I used Young Living Oils on my dogs too.  Saves us money on the vet as it usually takes care of the problem.
~ ~ ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~ ~ ~
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  1. These tips are so good to know, Arisha! Thanks for sharing! And I'm so glad that your sweet furbaby is all better! Yay for essential oils!!!

    xoxo laurie