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Friday, October 30, 2015

Spending So Much Time Outside. . .

Picking up Black Walnuts!

Wearing these gloves so my hands don't get all black from the juice.

 We have 3 trees like this in the yard and we have never had this many nuts on them.
Some say that means a cold, hard, winter!  Just warning you.

Bags and bags of them were collected.

Thank goodness my neighbor George took them.
All 18 feed bags full.
And we are not done yet.

When I head outside to do work like this that does not require lots of mental stimulation I like to use an emotional oil around my neck and ears and nose.  Mostly so I can smell the oil but also to stimulate a state of walking meditation.  Listening to the birds and bees and just enjoying my time outside.

I also like to drink my oils and these two are favorites of mine.  Remember to always mix your drinking oils in a glass jar not plastic.  To a quart jar of water I might add 2-3 drops of each lemon and citrus fresh.  Shake the jar for about 20 seconds then enjoy while doing your fall yard work.

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Happy Fall To You All
~ ~ ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~ ~ ~


  1. I remember those days of picking walnuts. When my children were little, we all cracked walnuts after drying them. I did a lot of baking in those days. Spending time outside can be fun, providing it is not too cold. By all means, use your snowflakes on your chandy. It is festive and so pretty.

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