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Thursday, July 24, 2014

What's On Your Nightstand ?

Here is what I have on mine.

 Look familiar?  Does this look like your nightstand?
The reason that I keep many of my oils on my nightstand is because I want to remember to use them at least Morning and Night.  (More on that in another post)

This is the tray I am using.  It is an inexpensive vintage aluminum tray that I got at a flea market a few years ago.  I love shopping for antique and vintage home décor.

  I remember my Grandmother had a few of these pieces when I was a kid.  I always loved them.

The 3 oils in the center of the tray are the ones I use every day instead of deodorant.  Are you still using deodorant?  Please stop putting chemicals under your arms!  I switched to Young Living Essential Oils instead of deodorant many years ago.  You should consider it too specially if you are a woman.  Chemicals to close to the breasts make me a little nervous.  Just saying. 

Each morning I grab one of these oils and put a drop or two in the palm of my hand, rub them together and apply to my underarm.  Lavender is also one that I use.

Sharing lots of hints here.
These two oils are the ones I am using now as I neglected to use them for a few weeks and Sciatica has kicked up for me.  If I use these 2 oils 2 times a day till I get the problem under control then I only have to use them maybe once or twice a week to keep it under control.
I use maybe 6 or 7 drops of one oil in the palm of my dominant hand and rub it across my lower back and down the outside of my hips to my knees.  Then I do the same with the other oil.  This combo really works for me. 
* * * 
If you are doing this for the first time I would suggest you also use V6 oil to dilute these 2 oils.  Add a few drops in the palm of your hand and stir it around before applying.
Oregano and Thyme oils are considered hot oils so I suggest dilution with V6.  I must say here that I DO NOT dilute for my own use.  I have been using these oils for so many years that I have no issues with them.  The area does heat up though.  It feels hot so don't be concerned if you also have this experience.  The heat will slowly decrease to a nice warm hug.

One more hint.  I love these enzymes. I think these are the best I have ever tried.   Have you tried them yet?  They are packaged in a blister pack.  (See picture to left of box) I use one of each color before bed as well as before each meal.  Controls gas and bloat so well.
I always have a pack in my purse so I can take them on the go also.
Thanks so much for stopping by and share your experiences with Young Living products in the comments section.  I would love to hear.
I also want to say here that the experiences I write about are only my personal experiences.  I believe that we are all responsible for our own health.  Choosing who we see and what we do is up to us.  We must do what feels good or comfortable to each of us.  I am not saying that you should not see a doctor I am just sharing here what I do personally.  I have always been one to look outside-the-box, to look for a better way.  Possibly it will cause you to think that their are alternatives you may want to consider.
To Your Health & Happiness,
~ ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~ ~


  1. Ahrisha... so glad I came for a visit... it's been a while. Love what you have on your Nightstand... I have many of my Oils in the Bedroom too so that I'll remember to put some on first thing in the Morning... and before I retire at Night. Of coarse, I have others strategically located around the house as well like Subliminal Messages or something. *LOL*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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